Opus Energy Drink Production Stages

Formulation and Preparation
The unique formulation of Opus Energy Drink is meticulously created by experts. The content of taurine, caffeine and B vitamins is balanced to achieve optimum potency and taste.

Selection of Raw Materials
The best raw materials are selected to obtain quality products. High quality spring water, carefully selected from Sapanca, one of the most beautiful spring waters of Turkey, is used as the water source.

Production Stage
Production is carried out in ISO certified facilities within Kiraz Holding, with modern and automated production lines. The production process is followed meticulously in accordance with food and hygiene standards.

Filling and Boxing
The produced Opus Energy Drink is carefully filled in filling lines and prepared for the packaging process. Leak tightness and quality control tests are performed during the filling phase.

Packaging and Packaging
Opus Energy Drink is packaged in user-friendly and environmentally friendly packaging. Their stylish and durable packaging offers the consumer easy-to-carry and practical use.

Labeling and Product Information
All necessary information about the product is clearly and legibly included on the packaging. Important details such as ingredient information, consumption instructions and appropriate storage conditions are presented to consumers to help them make informed purchases.

Logistics and Distribution
After the production process is completed, Opus Energy Drink is delivered to consumers through a fast and reliable logistics network. It is of great importance to preserve the freshness and quality of the product during the distribution phase.

Marketing and Promotion
Opus Energy Drink is promoted to its target audience with effective marketing strategies. Advertising campaigns, social media activities and other marketing activities in online and offline channels increase the visibility of the product and strengthen interaction with the consumer.

Customer Service and Feedback
Opus Energy Drink provides after-sales support with a service approach that prioritizes customer satisfaction. Customer feedback is a valuable resource for constantly improving product and service quality.

Food and hygiene standards are meticulously implemented in the production stages of Opus Energy Drink in order to offer a reliable and quality product to the consumer. The unique water source coming from Sapanca and Kiraz Holding's experienced staff enable Opus Energy Drink to reach consumers successfully.