OPUS ENERGY DRINK have been manufactured by İlayda Promosyon in our own ISO certified production facilities in Istanbul, Turkiye.
Our company has been successfully leading the industry since its establishment.
Our company's UK branch in Mayfair, London is GOLD ATLANTIC LTD. is the general distributor of our drinks and operates under our family company KIRAZ HOLDING GROUP.


Our company has been delivering OPUS ENERGY DRINK to Turkiye and international markets. OPUS, which stands out with its importance to customer satisfaction and its healthy and reliable product ranges, will continue to work with these values in the future and maintain its leadership in the sector.


With passion and responsibility, we produce healthy herbal products for adults. We continue our mission to deliver our high quality Opus Energy Drink, which are the leading brands of the sector, to all parts of the world.


We aim to be the number one energy drink brand for adults that is easily accessible in every country in the world.

Our Values:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Health
  • Trust
  • Quality


We work diligently at every stage of our production in order to always offer the best product to our valued consumers. By providing the purest, freshest and best raw materials for our OPUS Energy Drink, we continuously produce a product above world standards and we process these raw materials with our state-of-the-art machinery in our production facilities, and we do our duty with passion and responsibility at every stage until we package our products and finalize them. We deliver and distribute our products to our distributors with caution and devotion.
The success of our group over the years; it stems from the loyalty of our customers, the dedication of our distributor partners, and the strict working discipline and interdependence of our management and staff.
With endless respect and thanks to our very valuable OPUS Energy Drink employees, distributors, and everyone around the world who contributed to our team...

Chairman of the Board, Kiraz Holding
Ertugrul KIRAZ